Best 4-Person Tents

4 person tents for families or small parties are among the greatest varieties of camping tents on the market today.

A good 4-person tent provides you and your camping mates with a comfortable and safe room to speak about life, play games, and sleep soundly to recharge your batteries for the next day.

Best 4-person Cabin TentBest 4-person Backpacking TentBest 4-person Family Tent
Big Agnes Big House 4Coleman Hooligan Backpacking TentKAZOO Family Camping Tent
- Waterproof Flooring
- Available in Grey/Orange
- 1500mm HH PU Coating
- Pockets for Storage
- UV Resistant
- Available in Red, Gold & Orange
- Good weather protection
- Easy setup
- Large internal space
- Choice of various colors (yellow, blue, green)
- 2-year warranty
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They are suitable for use by two people if you need a little more space, but they can still comfortably accommodate four people in sleeping bags.

Those looking for a tent for travelling or hiking can opt for a 4-person tent if they require extra space.

Sometimes it’s because you’re too tall for 1 or 2-person tents, or you’re bringing dogs who need room to move around.

The extra space a 4-person tent provides let you unwind after a long day of walking without feeling squashed within. You can discover some that are reasonably lightweight, allowing you to carry them on your back or even share the weight with others.

They protect you from the elements in ways that smaller tents cannot since they are usually waterproof and have a retractable rainfly.

With such a crowded market, this in-depth study will walk you through the top 4 person tents for sale right now.

This list was compiled based on their top quality, mobility, design, and extra features.

Ferrino Meteora 4 person tent

Ferrino Meteora 4 best 4 person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

Ferrino Meteora 4 – click on the image for more pics

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As you can see from the photo, this Ferrino Meteora 4 Family Tent is of the tunnel style. It features three rooms, two of which are tents inside the shell tent, as well as a spacious living space in the front. Because the structure is completely enclosed, the living room may also be utilised for sleeping for two more people, allowing the tent to comfortably seat six people.

The tent has a great waterproof rating (2000mm HH) on the flysheet, and 2500mm HH on the 70D polyester groundsheet. The seams are taped as well. The flysheet has an extra aluminized PU coating which reflects sunlight and heat, thus improving the thermal properties of the polyester flysheet. This certainly helps regulate the temperature inside the tent (keeps it cooler in direct sunlight), but it also helps with condensation.

Thanks to its design pitching is ‘outer first’, meaning that the breathable inner bedrooms remain dry even if you have to set the Ferrino Meteora 4 up in rainy weather.

There are two doors with additional mesh on each. The poles are made of fibreglass. The tent weights 20.7 pounds (9.4 kilogrammes) and has a total inner size of 105 square feet (9.8 square metres).


  • Outstanding weather protection
  • Premium quality materials
  • Large internal space for up to 6 people

Regatta Kivu 4

Regatta Kivu 4 best 4 man tents

Regatta Kivu 4 bigger than it looks – click on the image for more pictures

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The Regatta Kivu 4 is a 4-man tent with a roomy central compartment and two bedrooms on either side.

It is packed with practical features such as darkened bedrooms for a good night’s sleep and colour-coded poles for a quick and easy pitch time.

Where the Regatta Kivu 4 really shines is its great all-round weather protection. It protects you not just from rainwater by having great quality polyester flysheet with 3000mm HH waterproof rating and a sewn in PE groundsheet, but it also has multiple air vents to allow for a steady cross-breeze in warmer climate.


  • 4 man + capacity in two bedrooms, with a central compartment
  • Darkened bedrooms
  • Great weather protection
  • Easy transport and pitching

If you’d like to know more about the Regatta Kivu 4, you can read my full review here: Regatta Kivu 4 Man Tent Review

Coleman Oak Canyon 4

Coleman Oak Canyon 4 | Best 4-person tents reviewed | 10TS-tents

Coleman Oak Canyon 4 – click on the image for more pics

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This Coleman Oak Canyon 4 person tent features a black-out design. According to them, it blocks 99 percent of the daylight in its sleeping pods. It is not just family friendly, but also helps keep the tent cooler when the sun is out, and it also feels warmer on chilly nights.

Related post: Air Tents with Blackout Bedrooms

Despite the 4-person declared capacity, you have 122 ft2 (11.34 square metres) of space, and the tent can accommodate up to 7 people if necessary.

There are three rooms, two doors, and three solid windows, and the waterproof rating is an outstanding 4500 mm, making the tent suited for any weather conditions in a three-season use. The max height is 78.7 inches and the weight is 41.4 pounds (18.8 kg).

Must be noted that the Coleman Oak Canyon 4 has been made for the European market, and it is imported to the US which is reflected in the price tag and delivery times.


  • Exceptional weather protection
  • Space for up to 7 people
  • Unique Black-out Bedrooms

KAZOO 4 person camping tent

KAZOO 4-person Camping tent Best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

KAZOO 4-person Camping tent – click on the image for more pics

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Setup is quick and simple with this Kazoo 4 person camping tent; two people could complete it in three minutes. This family tent has enough space (95inch x 86inch x 57inch) and a vestibule to accommodate four people. It could provide you with an ideal camping, hiking, fishing, or relaxing experience.

Just like the other Kazoo tent on this list, this tent is made up of two functioning layers. The liner is composed of B3 mesh and 190T breathable polyester, and the rainfly is constructed of 210T rip-stop polyester; and has a 3000mm HH water-repellent rating which is very good among 4-person tents. All seams are taped, so no water can seep through there.

Excellent ventilation is provided by two doors and two windows. The front door can be used as a sun canopy too which is a great feature, and good attention to detail by Kazoo that the groundsheet extends to the porch area too.

The inside tent has full mesh wall and ceiling to allow – it is not just great for the views but improves ventilation too.

Two queen size (narrow) air mattresses fit inside easily, and there is just enough head space to sit on them comfortably. The pack weighs only 10.71 lbs (4.8kgs), which makes it easy to carry even on longer trips.


  • Sun canopy
  • Excellent water protection
  • Lightweight


ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 person backpacking tent best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

ALPS Mountaineering Taurus 4 – click on the image for more pics

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This is a classic dome tent with a seamless setup and free-standing structure that is ideal for two campers but can accommodate four. It comes with aluminium stakes and guy ropes to help keep everything tight and in place for added strength.

The floor is 7’6″ x 8’6″ in size, making it easy to stretch out and sleep inside.

It’s water-resistant and UV-protective, so you can relax inside no matter what the weather is like. The door flaps are rollable, making access and exit simple. You may remove the top and open the two large entries, making it ideal for summer or spring.

During somewhat colder camping trips, the mesh vents provide airflow while keeping everything closed. This outer cover has two small vestibules that allow you to keep equipment outdoors without it getting wet or harmed by the wind.

Because it weighs only 10 pounds, you can easily take this tent hiking or backpacking.


  • Army Green Rainfly
  • Sturdy Fibreglass Poles
  • Mesh Storage Pockets

Big Agnes Big House Deluxe 4 Person Tent

Big Agnes Big House 4 cabin tent - Best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

Big Agnes Big House 4 – click on the image for more pics

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Another cabin-style living place that can be easily put up by one person. Because of the color-coded webbing and buckles, the process is simple. We classify it as a three-season tent due to its sturdy framework of four aluminium poles and coated polyester canvas.

All seams are securely taped to make it waterproof, which is quite useful on rainy days. The interior is pretty spacious and could easily accommodate four people in sleeping bags, however we recommend 2-3 adults for maximum comfort.

There are two doors with high-quality zippers that open effortlessly. These doors also have mesh windows for ventilation, and you can zip them up fully with the storm flaps to provide even more protection from the elements.

Plenty of pockets on the inside provide more space because you may store a lot of your belongings instead of leaving them on the floor. The welcome mat is attractive and useful for cleaning your feet before entering.


  • Waterproof Flooring
  • Available in Grey/Orange
  • 1500mm HH Polyurethane Coating

Gazelle T4 Pop-Up

Gazelle T4 Pop-up Tent Best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

Gazelle T4 Pop-up Tent – click on the image for more pics

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This tent has one of the simplest setups for such a large tent. It comes fully built and pops up in less than 90 seconds. Even though it is a quick installation, the sturdiness is not sacrificed due to the revolutionary all-metal and fibreglass frame.

This reduces wind damage and wear and tear. It’s entirely waterproof, and when it’s not raining, you can take off the rainfly and look at the night sky through the mesh. This also exposes the mesh, which promotes airflow and eliminates mildew risk.

The highest height is 78”, so you should be able to stand up comfortably within. While it is clearly a cabin structure, we believe it has a unique design with the pointed side walls that create a little extra room. It folds up into a very small size inside a carry bag, making it ideal for transferring from campsite to campsite.


  • 61 square-feet Interior
  • Tight-Weave Mesh Windows
  • UV Resistant

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 - Best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4 – click on the image for more pics

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This is ideal for two persons travelling on a backpacking trip. It weighs only 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest at this size we’ve found. It makes more room for stuff and definitely makes room if you wish to bring your pets along.

It’s made of waterproof polyester that resists damaging UV rays, so you may camp anywhere and feel completely safe and protected. The flooring is made of a strong taffeta with a 2000mm HH coating for added water protection. Other weather protection is provided by factory sealed seams and long-lasting zippers, which keep any chilly draughts outside.

As it stretches out with a sloping canopy, the outer cover forms a sort of screen-room area. This compartment can be used to store additional equipment, such as a collapsible table and chairs. While the middle height is only 52”, the base is fairly spacious, making it ideal for relaxing and reading a book, reminiscing about the day, and, of course, sleeping peacefully.


  • Mesh Storage Pocket
  • Free-Standing 2-Pole Form
  • Overhead Loft

Coleman Instant 4 Person Cabin Tent

Coleman Instant 4-person Cabin Tent - best 4-person tents reviewed - 10TS-tents

Coleman Instant 4-person Cabin Tent – click on the image for more pics

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One of the best-sellers, this has an instant set up design that makes installation quick and uncomplicated. Pre-attached poles enable you to unfold, expand, and secure it to the ground.

The use of double-thick material helps to reduce unwanted heat inside, protect from harmful UV rays, and endure common weather conditions such as wind and rain.

It has a WeatherTec System for even greater weather protection. This means that the stitching is precisely fused with patented corners and a bathtub floor. Water leaks are nearly non-existent.

This is a great option for a couple or a family with young children. We believe you could fit a full size and twin-size mattress together and still have room for equipment – even a queen airbed would fit nicely.

It’s certainly too hefty for backpacking, but it’d be perfect for car camping.


  • 150D Polyester Taped Seams
  • 4’ 11” Centre Height
  • Expandable Carry Bag Included

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Person Tent

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4-person tent best 4-person tents reviewed 10TStents

Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4-person tent – click on the image for more pics

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The classic dome design makes it ideal for trekking and rough camping in the wilderness. It’s designed to withstand the elements and keep insects at bay, allowing you to adventure throughout the majority of the year.

To make more space inside, the vestibules provide access to storage, allowing you to store large backpacks outside. The mesh apertures have been strategically positioned in areas where condensation is known to form, allowing for adequate air circulation.

When it’s cold at night, the rainfly provides extra weather protection as well as some warmth. It’s constructed of nylon and has a 66D thickness with a HH3000mm water repellent finish.

Furthermore, the bathtub base is built of superior Oxford material – it’s quite high, so ground dampness has no opportunity of getting inside. All seams are heat taped, which means they are reinforced and will last for a long time even in difficult conditions.


  • Available in Gray, Red and Orange
  • Lightweight
  • Bug-Repellent Micro Mesh
  • Carry Case Included

Kazoo Saturn Large Pop Up Tent 4 person

KAZOO Family Camping Tent for 4 person - best 4-person tents reviewed 10TStents

KAZOO Family Camping Tent for 4 person – click on the image for more pics

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This huge instant tent has a cabin-shaped design to provide great space inside; it can comfortably accommodate four individuals. It’s one of the largest rapid cabin tents on the market. The automatic mechanism makes it a very convenient 4 person tent. It is a simple and quick process to get everything up and running, it can be opened and closed in 30 seconds by one person according to KAZOO, but even if it is a slight overstatement of the ease of pitching, it certainly does not take longer than a few minutes…I can live with that.

The Kazoo Large cabin tent has two layers: B3 mesh no-see-um netting and 190T breathable polyester make up the liner. The rainfly is made of 210T Ripstop Polyester. With a waterproof rating of 3000mm, this four-person tent has passed the test. It has a robust but light structure with ultra-lightweight premium 19mm aluminium poles.

Easy entry and smooth closure are made possible by two huge dual-zipper doors with taped seams. The zipped door may be raised to create a parasol; children can nap inside the tent while adults relax outside. It works nicely on most occasions as a very convenient 4 person quick tent.

Two small double mattresses fit inside, and there’s enough headroom to sit up comfortably.

The carrybag weighs 14.33 lbs (6.5 kgs), so it is not going to be your backpacker tent, but can be carried reasonably easily.

If you’d like to know more, you can read my full review here.


  • Good weather protection
  • Easy setup
  • Large internal space
  • Choice of various colors (yellow, blue, green)
  • 2-year warranty

Coleman 2-in-1 All-Day 4 Person Tent / Shelter

Coleman 2-in-1 Tent & Shelter best 4 person tents reviewed 10TS tents

Coleman 2-in-1 Tent & Shelter – click for more pics

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Because to its simple attachment clips and easy design, this can be assembled by one person. It’s a cross between a dome and a cabin type, with a circular roof and straight walls with a slight slant.

The interior is incredibly spacious, with enough room for two queen air mattresses.

With plenty of head room, it’s ideal for organising picnics with fellow campers while it’s pouring – we believe anyone just over 6 feet tall could stand up comfortably.

The tent fly covers the corners as well as the roof, making it more sturdy and wind resistant. Furthermore, the floor stitching is welded tight, and the inverted seams keep everyone comfortable and dry. You can also hang a small lantern or a fan onto the hook that is built into the roof.


  • WeatherTec System
  • 100 square ft coverage
  • Tub-Like Ground

Mountainsmith Genesee 4 Person Tent

Mountainsmith Genesee 4 best 4-person tents reviewed 10TS-tents

Mountainsmith Genesee 4 – click for more pics

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The major feature of this camping tent is two massive mesh holes. It is best suited for two people, although four alternate sleeping bags can be accommodated for additional people.

Because of the rainfly design, we believe it is great for harsher camping – it completely covers the entire tent, protecting you from severe weather conditions. This also opens up room under the two projecting canopies for storing your bags and other stuff.

The floor is built with a tub design that extends up the side walls to eliminate moisture from the ground. In addition to the wide screen doors, the rainfly incorporates ventilation windows for better air circulation.

The guy-lines are reflective and visible even in the dark if you set it up at night. The ropes have a tension lock cord adjustment for added strength.


  • No-See-Um Mesh
  • Taped Floor Stitching
  • 52” Interior Peak

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent best 4-person tents reviewed - 10TS tents

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent – click for more pics

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Another popular backpacking tent, this one is easy to set up using one of our favourite systems, the ring-and-pin method. It prevents the corners from slipping out of the ground, keeping everything stable in wind, run, or dust storms.

The rainfly creates a massive vestibule, almost the size of a screen room. This compartment provides additional space for heavier equipment such as backpacks and sleeping bags.

Harsh weather isn’t an issue because the 100D bathtub flooring and welded seams protect you. It’s built to be leak-proof, so even if the ground outside is damp, you’ll keep warm and dry inside.

The remaining fabric is high-quality polyester with a 450mm waterproof covering. This implies that it will not stretch when wet, therefore the roof or sides will not sag.


  • Pockets for Storage
  • UV Resistant
  • Available in Red, Gold & Orange

If you are suffer from analysis paralysis then carry on reading, there is some advice and guidance that you might find useful when choosing a 4-person tent

How To Pick a 4 Person Tent That Is Right For You?

How Many People? Consider the Size

I realise we’re talking about tents for four people, but they’re not all the same size. They can all differ significantly based on the brand and design. Domes, cabins, and pop-ups are some popular styles for these. Some have sloping sides, while others have straight walls, therefore the internal size can vary greatly.

Determine the number of people who will use it and proceed from there. We believe they are best suited for two people or a family of four with two youngsters. You can certainly fit four sleeping bags inside, but you won’t be able to walk about much or keep much gear inside, which can be inconvenient.

Waterproof & Wind Resistant Materials

When you live outside, the weather is a major consideration. You want something that can withstand rain, wind, and possibly dust or sand depending on where you’re going.

To make things easier, here is a simplified list of what you should look for to protect yourself against common weather conditions:

  • Waterproof material for the tent and rainfly
  • HH rating: it tells how water-repellent the fabric is. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the better. Anything above 1500mm HH okay. 450mm – 1500mm HH is considered shover-proof, so you need to be careful not to lean against the fabric when it rains, otherwise water will seep through.
  • Welded or sealed seams, even inverted ones work very well. (You can tape your seams to improve water protection, but honestly, it’s not something you want to do right after spending money on a new tent)
  • Bathtub floors
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Mesh inserts
  • A durable framework, like steel fibreglass or air poles

Room for Backpacking Gear

Although they are not intended specifically for backpackers, everyone will require place to store their camping gear. You should never leave your gear outside, therefore a vestibule from the rainfly is a fantastic feature to search for. Not only does it provide additional weather protection, but it also creates a lot more space because your baggage don’t have to stay inside.

In addition, we recommend looking for storage niches, such as an upper loft attached to the roof. You want a tent that makes the most of the available space, especially if you’re camping with four people.

Ease of transport – Weight, Size, Bulkiness

If you’re driving between sites, the weight of the tent shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you’re a serious traveller, you’ll need something small and easy to transport. We believe that anything weighing 6-10 lbs is appropriate for carrying on your back, but make sure you have someone else with you to carry other things.

We feel that a tent should have its own carry case with strong and comfortable handles, whether you’re walking or driving. It really makes things so much easier because you don’t have to stuff it into your own bag or buy a separate case.

Frequently Asked Questions about 4-person Tents

How Big is a 4 Person Tent?

According to our research, they are slightly variable in size based on the brand and design.

The base size for some of them normally ranges from 7.5 feet x 8 feet to 8 feet x 9 feet.

The centre height varies depending on the type.

Cabin variants often stand between 5.8 and 7 feet tall. Dome tents have smaller peaks in general, however there are those with greater peaks. They can range in height from 5.4 feet to more than 6 feet.

Can a 4 Person Tent Fit a Queen Mattress?

They are most known for fitting smaller-sized mattresses, such as twin or double, and sleeping bags are the most popular way to sleep.

However, a queen airbed can be accommodated in one with base dimensions ranging from 7 to 9 feet. Any smaller and it might be a squeezing situation.

Are 4 Person Tents Expensive?

Again, this is determined by the brand and style. If you’re new to camping, we recommend getting a simple pop-up model that should cost approximately $60-$70.

If you intend to go travelling frequently, you will most likely require one with longevity, which will cost $150 or more.

The top quality ones might cost up to $500 for more professional or seasoned campers. You certainly get what you pay for, and these will last for a long time.


We hope that our in-depth guide has given you an understanding of the best 4 person tents available today. A tent for four people can provide you with the best camping experience possible because to their brilliant designs and smart features.

Even though we’ve narrowed down our top choices, it’s critical that you choose the correct one for you. It all depends on how and why you intend to use it.


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