Eurohike Air 600 Review

The Eurohike Air 600 is one of the most popular air tents. It can be ideal for families & friends and has been reliably on top of any ‘best buy’ lists for a while now.

It has earned its position mainly due to its affordability: all Eurohike inflatable tents have been on a half-price sale for a while now, with further 20% off the sale price if you buy them online. So, for the lack of choice (in colours for example) they compensate with a very affordable price ticket.

Eurohike Air Tents

Eurohike is Blacks’ own brand (Blacks are the same company as Millets & Ultimate Outdoors), which allows them to keep the price low not just for the tents, but for other essential accessories too (ie the footprint).

The Eurohike Air tent range, if we can call it that, has only two inflatable tents: the Air 400 and the Air 600.

I have reviewed the Air 400 not so long ago (see my review here), so it is time for a Eurohike Air 600 review as well.

What you’ll find in this review

Just to give you a bit of a heads-up, in this review you will find;

  • All the details you need to know about the Eurohike Air 600
  • How easy it is to inflate / deflate it
  • How well it withstands severe weather
  • What is outstanding & what is not so great about it
  • Where to buy it
  • Any alternatives you could consider
  • If you should buy it or not

Who is the Eurohike Air 600 for?

The Eurohike Air 600 is ideal for families or smaller groups for a weekend away, festivals etc. It might not be the best choice for more frequent usage, and I would also avoid using it in rougher (weather- & ground-) conditions.

What it is like?

There are many similarities between the two Eurohike Air tents: the fabrics and materials used, the technology used for inflating and deflating and so on. The main difference is of course the size of them: the Air 400 is recommended for 4 (or less) people. While the Air 600 is for 6 people, I’d rather say that ‘up to 6 people’ can sleep in it and is comfortable for 4.

I said that the Air 600 is one of the larger air tents but, in all fairness, it is still rather compact, compared to other 6-man air tents.

The size of the sleeping area is 7.56 sqm, that includes two sleeping rooms, each has space for (up to) 3 people. The sleeping pods are positioned next to each other (unlike the Berghaus Air 6 or the Eurohike Genus 800 where they face each other). This allows for a bigger, wider, ‘open-plan’ living area in front of them.

The rooms have a size of 210cm x 180cm and are separated, the separation can be unzipped and removed if you’d like to create a big 6-person sleeping pod. 180cms for 3, or 360cm 6 persons means that there is 60cms for everyone.

A room for 6…

This is the bare minimum these days, no other manufacturer allocates less than 60cms for one person. If you don’t want to sleep on the ground, you’ll need compact size inflatable mattresses – 1 double and 1 single – or camping beds to fit them in the bedroom.

You can’t move the separator (ie to make a 4-person room and a 2-person room), so it is rather small for 3 or generous for 2, there’s no in-between.

On the other hand, you have a decent size living area, the two rooms enclose a wide, open room of almost 8.5 sqm, all covered. The light can enter through the 2 metres wide front door, or through one of the PVC windows (there are 3 of them). The front panel has a large mesh on it so you can let the air in while keeping insects out.

Decent side door

You can access the living area through the side door too. The side door is more than a metre wide and folds flat. Not unusually, especially in this price range, there is only one side door; and there is no mesh on the side door. The opposite side is bland navy blue canvas. It has it is benefits too: if you position the tent smartly, it can give decent shading throughout the day and the Air 600 won’t turn into a greenhouse. The same applies to the dark canvas: the navy blue canvas can be a bit dark sometimes, but by letting less light through, it helps keep the tent cooler.

Both bedrooms are ‘darkened’, meaning that they are made of a darker fabric: it keeps the light out almost completely, so you can enjoy your sleep a bit longer.

Weather resilience

The flysheet has a waterproof coating on it and can withstand 4000 mm of water without letting it drip through (4000mm HH).

The ground sheet has a 3000mm HH rating. It is fully sewn in and the seams are taped, so you can rest assured no water will come through.

There is no information on how thick the materials are – if I must guess they are rather on the thinner side of things than anything else.

Firstly, Eurohike would surely highlight if it was something to be proud of. Secondly: the bespoke footprint for the Eurohike Air 600 is very cheap. I would make sure that it is on my shopping list to protect the groundsheet from rips/tears. The bespoke carpet could be beneficial too to protect the groundsheet from upper side: smaller stones could push through the groundsheet as you walk and move in the living area and step onto them.

Wide access through the front door

Thirdly, the whole weight of the Eurohike Air 600 is only 18.7 kgs, which is rather lightweight considering its size. On the other hand, it makes the Air 600 easy to carry (packs up into a 75 x 45 x 35 cm handled carry bag).

For the sake of comparison, the Berghaus Air 4 – sold by Blacks, you can read my review here – is a 4 person tent that is smaller than the Eurohike Air 600. It has a 70D flysheet (that is not very thick), 185T thread-count (again, not outstanding), and a thick 6000mm HH coating. The whole tent weighs 19kg, despite being smaller. This suggests that the Air 600 is made of similar, but more likely thinner fabrics.

So, in terms of weather resilience: it is a bit of mixed bag. You are certainly protected from water entering the tent, but you’ll likely experience some highs and lows in temperature: the thinner (and cheaper) polyester tent fabrics tend to be poor thermal insulators.

Another thing you may expect on cooler mornings, is condensation on the inner side of the flysheet. The bedrooms are made of breathable polyester, so they won’t become wet, but make sure you keep an eye on the flysheet and wipe condensation off before water starts dripping on to the bedroom. This is something you’ll have to live with, although this ultra quiet dehumidifier or this Kampa camping heater may help a bit.

Unlike other tents, the Quechua Air Seconds tents or the Vango Airbeam Tents for example, the Eurohikes don’t tell you anything about wind resistance. There is no extra storm tension system, or anything similar, fitted on the Eurohikes. When it comes to wind resistance, tiny details should be factored in too, ie the quality of the guylines or the pegs. Sadly, the pegs for example are not the greatest ones I have ever seen. So if you know you’ll use the Air 600 a lot (or move it a lot between sites), another item in your basket should be a set of high quality stainless steel pegs.

You also get a free repair kit with the Eurohike Air 600 and replacement tubes are sold by Blacks as well in case anything goes wrong.

What is great about the Eurohike Air 600?

External air vent on the Eurohike Air 600

The great thing about the Eurohike Air tents is the speedy inflating and deflating. They both come with double-efficiency hand pumps for speedy set-up, and spring-loaded quick release air valves for an even faster deflating.

Quick release air valve

The whole process of pitching is very easy, and 1 person can do it in no more than 15 minutes.(with a little practice)

Another great thing about the Air 600 is the light-weight package it comes in. It is only 18.7 kgs, so it can be carried by hand to some distance, even where cars can’t go.

The numerous storage pockets should be mentioned too, making it easy to put your things away: there are pockets in the living are, on the bedrooms, and inside the bedrooms; as well as hanging hooks (2 of them).

Lastly, what makes it outstanding is that it has been on 50% sale for a while now so you can grab one for a mere £300 (instead of the full RRP of £600).

Where to buy it?

It is easiest to buy it online on any of the 3 websites of Blacks (Blacks, Millets, Ultimate Outdoors), or at GoOutdoors. They also have eBay outlets, it is worth checking if they have anything on offer here. Some models can be a £100 cheaper on eBay than the ‘official’ sale price.

Make sure you put the footprint in to your basket!

Deal of the day: you can find the Eurohike Air 600 on Amazon UK too. I am guessing that similarly to the stock kept on ebay, the Amazon stock changes from time to time. So if you see the Eurohike Air 600 for under £380, definitely grab one, you won’t get it any cheaper. I have placed the link here (click on the image)

What is not so great about it?

To be honest, just like the Eurohike Air 400, the Air 600 wouldn’t be on my ‘recommended’ list if it wasn’t for the half-price sale. For the full RRP price there are other inflatable tents that are bigger, better and superior to the Eurohike Air 600 in almost every aspect, and they are cheaper too (ie cost less than £600).

External air vents provide good ventillation

I don’t like that we don’t know much about the materials used. The manufacturer included a repair kit free of charge. Let’s hope you won’t need it anytime soon, but in any case, it’s there.

As for weather resilience, it is a bit concerning that we don’t know anything about wind-resistance. The air-filled beams, in general, give good structural stability to withstand higher winds (as long as they keep inflated to the right psi), but they won’t help if the pegs or the guylines don’t hold.

Thirdly, there is no information on warranty. Other inflatable tents come with 2 years, 2+1 years or even 5 years manufacturer warranty. For the Eurohike, I could not find a specific policy, other than the option to return faulty items for a refund.

Should you buy it or not?

I believe, that as long as it is around £300, it is certainly a good deal and a good choice, while keeping its limitations in mind. Honestly, I doubt that it will be sold at its full RRP ever again, simply because it is not worth £600.

For the sale price, it is pretty much unrivalled, apart from a few contenders – I have collected them into one post that you can read here: Recommended 6-Man Inflatable Tents and Best Air Tents in 2020

Final words…

If you don’t like the arrangement / size of the bedrooms (e.g. you travel with kids) I suggest you take a look at the Quechua Air Seconds 5.2 XL. Although it is sold as a 5-person tent, it is not smaller at all than the Air 600. The two rooms are of different size which may be more suitable for a set-up of 2 adults +2/3 kids.

It is only a £100 more expensive than the Air 600 at its sale price, but you probably don’t need the footprint, don’t need to worry about weather proofing, and you can start counting the years of the 5-year warranty.

You may also find interesting my review of the 6-person Quechua Air Seconds 6.3 XL, it is very similar to the 5.2 XL. (Both Air Seconds tents are sold by Decathlon UK)

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