About 10TS

Hi and welcome to 10ts-tents.com

I am Greg, enthusiast about camping, roof top camping, outdoors-y stuff and in general just spending time outdoors. The idea of this website came when I wanted to learn a bit more about rooftop tents.

I am probably getting old and I often look back on memories from my younger years. One

defining experience was my backpacker tour in Tuscany, Italy in my early 20s with a friend of mine.

We walked off our feet in Florence, Bologna, Pisa and a lot of smaller towns, hitchhiked from Genoa to Milano but ultimately we spent all our evenings in one of the campsites. And I remember so clearly even today how astonished I was when I first saw a rooftop tent. It was right after we tried to set up our tent on a very rocky, dry piece of land. We managed to bend 2-3 pegs and my thumbnail was hurting me and was turning to purple because I just hit it with the hammer. 

Looking over Firenze from Michelangelo camping

A Life-Changing Moment

Then THEY rolled in to the very next parcel, and five minutes later they had their tent set up on the top of their Land Rover and they already popped a can of beer. I knew it back then that I was going to have one of those one day…I mean the rooftop tent, not the beer.

They looked glorious smirking down on us as we were struggling with out tiny little tent, but I did not hate them! The concept of a roof top tent just seemed so obvious I could not, I still cannot, understand why is not there more people have their tent of the top of their car. 

It makes everything so much easier! No hassle, no swearing just camping!

More Than A Decade Later…

So here I am, in a sentimental mood, trying to find roof top tents. I like to read reviews before I commit to buy, at least two of the same product to make sure they are not biased. But I could not find any. I mean it. I tried it with Bing, and then Google, and then Bing again but not a lot. Definitely not a comprehensive amount of unbiased reviews… 

And of course the ones that were really of my interest were not reviewed anywhere. I discounted the customer reviews on the official websites, cause obviously I won’t find any negatives on there. But apart from those, there was nothing. It seemed an enormous task to make notes of all the different attributes, sizes, fabric thickness, minimum requirements of the car etc. And on top of it all, compare things such as warranty and the price tag…So it is a lot. 

The Idea of 10ts-tents Was Born

So I decided that I research, I that I share my findings with everyone. I have worked out a system for the reviews (initially for hard shell roof top tents) in hope that I (and everyone reading the reviews) can get a clearer picture before leaving a big chunk of money on the table.

This is an ongoing project, so I gladly take any suggestions, advise, comment or just a few friendly words! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Newsletter so you get notified by email of all the new posts! 

Take care,