Roof Top Tent Weight Limits

Which roof tent fits your car? Find out by checking the dynamic load capacity of your car first.

If you are just looking for a roof tent, but you don’t have a massive SUV or 4×4, you surely wonder if the new roof tent fits you small estate car for example? So the first question without further looking into any specs of the roof tent of your dream is that if it is a roof tent that your car can carry? Luckily, most roof top tent manufacturers make lightweight roof tents, so there is a roof tent out there for cars, there are roof tents for pickups, roof tents for vans etc.

The limiting factor – most of the time – is the space on the roof (minimum distance between the crossbars), and the weight of the roof tent. To be specific, it is not the weight of the tent, but car roof’s dynamic load capacity. So if you’d like to find out which roof top tent is (not) too heavy for your car, you must find out what the dynamic load capacity of your car is.

What is Dynamic Load Capacity?

The dynamic load capacity tells you how much weight your car can carry when transporting equipment on the roof. It represents the maximum permissible load that the rack / brackets can withstand when repeatedly in motion over a long period of time.

A distinction must be made between dynamic and static load capacity. The latter describes the permissible load when the transport equipment is stationary.

All you need to be conscious of is that the actual weight of the tent and the weight of the people who are going to inhabit tent must be within the capacity of the roof bars. As long as you have a pair of decent roof bars, this should not be an issue. Despite whatever ‘Load Capacity’ you read in the product info (most often 150 lbs or 75 kgs), just ignore that. That is the dynamic load capacity.

What’s Your Car’s Dynamic Load Capacity?

Now that’s the most important question. While your car will have no issues holding the weight of a roof top tent and 1-2-4 people inside, when stationary, the dynamic load capacity is much less.

You should always check the Manual of your car to get the exact figure! The Dynamic load capacity can vary from model to model even between different years of the same model!

Having said that, as a quick overview, I have put together this table for you have a glance at what you can expect. Most roof top tents will fit on a car that has at least 165lbs / 75kg roof load capacity. So the really interesting ones are those that have slightly less…

The below table is regularly updated and new models added!

Dynamic Load Capacity - Find Out Which Roof Tent Fits Your Car

Looking for a roof tent for a car? Check the dynamic load capacity of your car before making any commitments!
Car MakeMax. Dynamic Roof Load (kg)Max. Dynamic Roof Load (lbs)
Audi A175kg165.35lbs
Audi A375kg165.35lbs
Audi A490kg198.4lbs
Audi A590kg198.4lbs
Audi A6100kg220.46lbs
Audi A7100kg220.46lbs
Audi A8100kg220.46lbs
Audi Q275kg165.35lbs
Audi Q375kg165.35lbs
Audi Q575kg165.35lbs
Audi Q775kg165.35lbs
Audi Q8100kg220.46lbs
BMW 1 Serie75kg165.35lbs
BMW 2 Serie Active Tourer75kg165.35lbs
BMW 2 Serie Coupe75kg165.35lbs
BMW 3 Serie75kg165.35lbs
BMW 3 Serie Gran Turismo75kg165.35lbs
BMW 3 Serie Touring75kg165.35lbs
BMW 4 Serie Coupe75kg165.35lbs
BMW 4 Serie Gran Coupe75kg 165.35lbs
BMW 5 Serie100kg 220.46lbs
BMW 5 Serie Touring100kg220.46lbs
BMW 7 Serie100kg220.46lbs
BMW 8 Serie75kg165.35lbs
BMW Grand Coupe75kg165.35lbs
BMW Grand Tourer75kg165.35lbs
BMW i3Check instruction manual for your car
BMW i8Check instruction manual for your car
BMW i8 RoadsterCheck instruction manual for your car
BMW Serie Gran Coupe75kg165.35lbs
BMW Serie Gran Turismo100kg220.46lbs
BMW X175kg165.35lbs
BMW X275kg165.35lbs
BMW X3100kg220.46lbs
BMW X4100kg220.46lbs
BMW X5100kg220.46lbs
BMW X6100kg220.46lbs
BMW X7100kg220.46lbs
BMW Z4Check instruction manual for your car
CarMaximum roof load
Chevrolet Silverado75kg165.35lbs
Citroen C360kg132.77lbs
Dacia DokkerCheck instruction manual for your car
Dacia Duster80kg 176.37lbs
Dacia LodgyCheck instruction manual for your car
Dacia Logan MCV80kg 176.37lbs
Dacia Sandero80kg 176.37lbs
Fiat Panda50kg110.23lbs
Ford Focus75 kg 165.35lbs
Ford F-Serie75 kg 165.35lbs
Honda Accord65kg143.3lbs
Honda Civic75 kg 165.35lbs
Honda CR-V80kg 176.37lbs
Hyundai Kona80kg176.37lbs
Kia Picanto50-60kg110.23lbs-132.77lbs
Land Rover Discovery 2 (road)50kg110lbs
Land Rover Discovery 2 (off-road)30kg66lbs
Land Rover Discovery 375kg165.35lbs
Land Rover Discovery 472kg 158.7lbs
Land Rover Freelander 275kg165.35lbs
Land Rover Defender 90118kg260.14lbs
Land Rover Defender 110168kg370.37lbs
Nissan Qashquai75 kg 165.35lbs
Opel Astra75kg165.35lbs
Opel Corsa75 kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 1007100kg 220.46lbs
Peugeot 10750kg110.23lbs
Peugeot 200875kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 20650-75kg165.35lbs
Peugeot 20680kg 176.37lbs
Peugeot 20765-75kg 143.3lbs-165.35lbs
Peugeot 20865kg 143.3lbs
Peugeot 300875kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 30780-100kg 220.46lbs
Peugeot 30875kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 308 SW80kg 176.37lbs
Peugeot 400780kg 176.37lbs
Peugeot 40780kg 176.37lbs
Peugeot 500875kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 508 Berline70kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 508 SW100kg 220.46lbs
Peugeot 60775kg 165.35lbs
Peugeot 807100kg 220.46lbs
Please note: for some cars, the roof load may vary depending on the year of construction. We advise you to always check your car’s instruction manual.
Renault Captur80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Clio80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Clio Estate80kg176.37lbs
Renault Espace80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Grand Scenic80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Kadjar72kg 158.7lbs
Renault Kagoo100kg 220.46lbs
Renault Kangoo ZE100kg 220.46lbs
Renault KoleosCheck instruction manual for your car
Renault Master200kg 440.9lbs
Renault Master open transport200kg 440.9lbs
Renault Megane80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Megane Estate80kg 176.37lbs
Renault Megane Scenic80kg 176.37lbs
Renault TalismanCheck instruction manual for your car
Renault Trafic200kg 440.9lbs
Renault Trafic Passenger210kg 462.9lbs
Renault Twingo50-60kg110.23lbs-132.77lbs
Renault TwizyCheck instruction manual for your car
Skoda Citigo50kg110.23lbs
Skoda Fabia75kg165.35lbs
Skoda Fabia Combi75kg165.35lbs
Skoda Kamiq75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Karoq75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Kodiaq75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Octavia75kg165.35lbs
Skoda Octavia Combi75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Rapid75kg165.35lbs
Skoda Rapid Spaceback75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Scala75kg 165.35lbs
Skoda Superb100kg 220.46lbs
Skoda Superb Combi100kg 220.46lbs
Skoda Yeti75kg 165.35lbs
Subaru Forester68kg150lbs
Tesla Model 370kg154.32lbs
Toyota Auris75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Auris Touring Sports75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Avensis100kg 220.46lbs
Toyota Avensis Touring Sports103kg 227lbs
Toyota Aygo75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota CamryCheck instruction manual for your car
Toyota C-HRCheck instruction manual for your car
Toyota Corolla Hatchback75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Corolla Sedan75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Corolla Touring SportsCheck instruction manual for your car
Toyota Corolla TREKCheck instruction manual for your car
Toyota GR Supra50kg110.23lbs
Toyota GT86Check instruction manual for your car
Toyota Hilux50-75kg110.23lbs-165.35lbs
Toyota iOnCheck instruction manual for your car
Toyota Land Cruiser80kg 176.37lbs
Toyota Prius75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Prius+75kg 165.35lbs
Toyota PROACE Verso150kg 330.69lbs
Toyota RAV475kg 165.35lbs
Toyota Yaris50kg110.23lbs
Vauxhall Corsa75kg165.35lbs
Vauxhall Astra75 kg 165.35lbs
Volkswagen Amarok100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen Arteon75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Caddy Combi100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen Golf75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Golf Sportsvan75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Golf Variant75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen ID.3Check instruction manual for your ar
Volkswagen Passat100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen Passat Variant100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen Polo75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Sharan100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen T-Cross75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Tiguan75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Touareg100kg220.46lbs
Volkswagen Touran75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen T-Roc75kg165.35lbs
Volkswagen Up50kg110.23lbs
Volvo S6075kg 165.35lbs
Volvo S90100kg 220.46lbs
Volvo V4075kg 165.35lbs
Volvo V40 Cross Country75kg 165.35lbs
Volvo V6075kg 165.35lbs
Volvo V60 Cross Country75kg 165.35lbs
Volvo V9075kg 165.35lbs
Volvo V90 Cross Country100kg 220.46lbs
Volvo XC4075 kg 165.35lbs
Volvo XC60100kg 220.46lbs
Volvo XC90100kg 220.46lbs


11 thoughts on “Roof Top Tent Weight Limits”

  1. Hello,

    Hoping you can help, please. We have a 2011 Hyundai IX35. This page suggests that the roof load is 100kg – assuming that is the dynamic roof load?

    In which case, would these bars be suitable to take a 55kg roof tent, please?

    The link suggests that the bars have a max load limit of 75kg. Again, I’m assuming that’s the dynamic load limit and that in a static situation the bars would cope with a 55kg tent plus two adults?

    Grateful for your advice.

    Frank Doyle

    1. Hi,

      Yes, the 75 kg max load limit is for the dyniamic load, not static (ie when two adults sleep in the tent). From the details you shared this setup will be safe.


    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately I could not find this information, but most cars, especially SUVs have way more static weight load capacity than you need for roof top tents

  2. I have a Toyota Verso S with a static glass roof,and am thinking of a Tentbox light or Ox diesel Probably only be me in the unit.Your advice please ad there is nothing in the cars manual.Also on a budget am I looking at tge best products for tge money Tgank you in anticipation Peter

    1. Hi Peter

      Unfortunately the fixed glass roof is not your friend this time. I had a Meriva with a panoramic roof and it reduced the 75 kg limit to only 50.
      I don’t know the dynamic load of the Verso S, but I bet that the panoramic roof trim has a reduced limit as well.
      If you can’t find the information in the car manual, it might be worth giving a try with an official toyota seller, they might have access to information that is otherwise unavailable for the general public.
      The number of people occupying the tent when the car is static does not really matter in this case.

      Sorry that I can’t be any more helpful.


      1. Hi Greg,

        I have a 2010 vauxhall meriva b with glass roof. I`m planning to buy a roof tent but I don`t know how much weight would hold the roof when is stationary. Will probably need to support at least 200 kilos including the weight of the tent. Any idea how to find out the weight limit of my roof?
        Thanks, Attila

        1. Hi Attila,

          I had the same car (2011) and unfortunately the glass roof has a reduced dynamic capacity (45 kilos if I remember rightly). Don’t ask where did I find it, I can’t remember now (it was two cars ago), but I remember it was quite a shock as the normal roof version has a decent dynamic load. As for static load, I found no information, but it was out of the question anyways.


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