iKamper Skycamp 2X Review (Good & Bad)

The iKamper Skycamp 2X is the smaller sibling of iKamper’s crowdfunding success story Skycamp 4X back in 2017. It is a compact hybrid hard-shell roof top tent that sleeps 2 people. It is a ‘wedge’ style roof top tent but it opens sideways (unlike Alu-Cab’s solution for example). Thanks to its design the iKamper Skycamp 2X offers a decent amount of space on a small footprint. There are also a plenty of add-ons available to make Skycamp even more comfortable. With a few nice features like the roof window called ‘Skyview’ that does exactly what is on the tin, the iKamper Skycamp would probably bring many happy moments to all cloud gazers and stargazers.

iKamper have done a few upgrades to their 2017 model and whilst keeping the previous model in stock (for a while) the facelifted Skycamp 2.0 is also available for a $200 extra. This review is about the old model which is available as iKamper Skycamp 2X 1.0, however at the bottom of the page I will highlight the features of the upgraded Skycamp.

About iKamper

iKamper is a small, family-owned company from South Korea. It was founded in 2012 by Soon Park, who lived in the States between 2008 and 2012. During these years he and his family spent almost 2 years on the road camping and exploring. When they finally returned to South Korea Soon founded iKamper. After moderate success of their first product he launched a Kickstarter campaign for Skycamper in 2017. This became a huge crowdfunding success and raised $2.37 million in 45 days.

In 2019 iKamper have a line of innovative products such as the X-Cover or the All-in-One foldable camping kitchen called the AIOKS.


The Skycamp 2X rests on an aluminium honeycomb panel floor. The outer shell is made of double layered fibre-reinforced plastic that certainly benefits in the low weight of the unit: its only 55 kgs / 120 lbs that makes it one of the lightest hard-shell roof top tents. The outer shell comes in 4 different colours.

Find out if the iKamper Skycamp 2X would fit your car: Roof Top Tent Weight Limits

The design is sleek (only 32cms high) and looks aerodynamic (you can also buy additional wind deflectors). It also helps keeping road noise, drag and the effect on the handling of the to minimal.


The tent fabric is made of 300gsm poly-cotton tent (which is slightly thicker than most tent canvases) that is water-resistant and breathable, it comes with rainflies too.

I would be a bit worried about the waterproofness of the roof window but customer reviews confirmed that the rainfly / flap system is well thought out and keeps water out.

The zippers look a bit flimsy but they are waterproof too.

You can easily store the alu ladder under the lid, you can choose between a standard 230 cm, a long (260cm) and an XL (290 cm) ladder.

In terms of wind resistance the recommended maximum wind speed FOR THE SKYCAMP 4X is only 32km/h (20mph). I consider this a light wind here on the Southern coast of the UK. They say they tested the Skycamp for winds up 64 kmh (40mph) but they did not say what was the result of it… As for the Skycamp 2X the recommended maximum wind speed may be higher as the surface is smaller. I will update this review as soon as I find it out from iKamper.

If you would like more space around your car where you can sit, relax and enjoy the views you can buy an Annex Room and the Awning separately.

Ease of use

Despite weighing only 55kgs it is still a two-person lift onto the crossbars of the car. The crossbars need to be at least 71cms apart from each other, but once it is on the top of the car, there are only 4 brackets (8 bolts) that need securing and then you are good to go. You can fit the Skycamp 2X onto most vehicles from medium size estate cars upwards.

iKamper sells upgraded Mounting Brackets separately, these allow faster installation; however the Skycamp 2X 1.0 comes with the regular brackets.

The big selling point is the true 60 seconds set up. The hard shell pops up, you take the ladder out and secure it to the floor panel with two straps and then place the poles to finish setting up. Although it might need some practice it definitely takes very little time and effort to set the Skycamp 2X up. Folding away is not more complicated either but as the fabric is exposed to elements if it is rainy or windy it may become a bit messy and difficult at times to pack it up.


In terms of interiors, the Skycamp 2X offers decent space for 2 adults and some of their baggage. The sleeping area is 130cms wide and 193cms long (76 x 51 inches). (This is slightly smaller than a standard double bed.) For a good night’s sleep there is a 5cm / 2 inch thick memory foam mattress fitted with removable polyester cover. At it’s highest point there’s 110cms headroom which should be just about enough to sit out a rainy day inside.

The Skycamp is not really great with the number of pockets / nets inside as there is NONE. An additional inner corner shelf for smartphones, torches, glasses etc is sold for $25. It looks tiny and a bit flimsy, but it is better than nothing. There is an outer storage shelf as well (for $59) with 4 large pockets for camping gear, utensils etc. that hangs right next to the ladder.

Unfortunately, the add-ons that are available for the 4X like the inner insulation or the TV mount are not available for the 2X.


iKamper have a very good costumer support team who could help you even before buying your first Skycamp. There is also a widespread dealership network across the US/Canada and Australia to help with installation and give you professional advice, but the rest of the world can only enjoy the benefit of free delivery as physical presence is sporadic.

There are plenty of add-ons, upgrades and spares available (however there are more options to upgrade with the 4X model) in case you want to expand your footprint or anything goes wrong.

iKamper offers a 2+3 year warranty on the Skycamp (2 year full, 3 year limited) for your peace of mind.


Though the iKamper Skycamp 2X is a great little rooftop tent, there are a few downsides that you should bear in mind.

For one, while the slim design has its benefit, it also compromises on a few other: the mattress is only 5 cms thick. Despite that there is still not much space for bedding: according to customer reviews thicker / bigger size bedding will not fit inside when the lid is closed, so you cannot leave them inside when the Skycamp is folded. There seems to be no issue with ‘normal size’ bedding, but the actual ‘storage capacity’ is limited.

There is a distinct lack of storage space inside for your personal belongings. Even though you can buy an inner storage shelf, it is small and you are only allowed to have one of them.

As mentioned before, its wind resistance is very low.

Lastly, the access is sideways. So if the person who sleeps inside needs a comfort break in the middle of the night they must climb across the person sleeping by the door to get to the ladder…


To be honest, there are not many manufacturers who sell similar design hard shell roof top tents. In terms of competition it may come down to your personal preference shape- and price-wise. The iKamper targets the price of the Skycamp 2X around the similar size rooftents – it is currently available for $2999 / £2690. It is not cheap, on the other hand it provides more versatility (for an additional cost) than its competitors.

The Columbus variant and the Alu-cab come in a different shape as they wedge on the shorter edge. Size-wise the Skycamp 2X is about the size of the Columbus Variant Medium; however the Skycamp 2X is slightly narrower and there is less headroom, but longer. The Columbus rooftent retails around $2900, however the Carbon Fibre model starts from $5000. The Columbus Variant is sold by BOAB in the UK (they import them). The Medium size rooftent is currently out of stock, its price would be £2725.

The Alu-cab wedges on the short edge too with similar pros and cons size-wise as the Columbus. The Alu-cab has thicker mattress and thicker fabric than the Skycamp, but the current retail price is $3995

You can also consider the CARWORD Roof top tent on Amazon. CARWORD’s design is very similar to Skycamp’s, however it currently sells for $5192. It is also available in the UK for £4100 via Amazon UK.

The iKamper Skycamp 2X 1.0’s biggest competition is by far the facelifted Skycamp 2X 2.0

For only an extra $200 it has quite a few improvements that may be worth considering. (Skycamp 2X 2.0 It is unfortunately not yet available in the UK – subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest updates!)

ikamper skycamp 2.0 4x review2019 Upgrade – iKamper Skycamp 2X 2.0

The newest version of Skycamp 2X has an improved, world map graphic interior design; improved locks on the outer shell; improved mounting brackets for easier installation and a redesigned ladder with level steps for increased safety. You can have the new mounting brackets for $90 if you would like to upgrade your 1.0 model.

The new version also has a new, double layer fibre glass hard shell with 1cm insulation between the layers.

Detailed review of the iKamper Skycamp 2.0 (4-person) hereiKamper Skycamp 2.0 | 4-person Roof Tent Review



The iKamper Skycamp 2X is unique on the market. The only product currently available that looks similar, costs almost twice the price of the Skycamp. For your money you get a good quality, versatile, customisable, comfortable place to sleep and rest.

There are cheaper alternatives (both amongst soft shell tents and hard shell tents), but You can’t really go wrong with the Skycamp 2X. The only thing keeping me from recommending it is the very limited capability to withstand stronger winds. iKamper should not have sacrificed usability on the altar of design.

Depending on the climate you are using your Skycamp, the extra insulation may not be of much benefit to you. Having said that, if you do need the insulation it is definitely worth the extra $200.

I would surely grab one of the old models while stock lasts, I am pretty certain that they will go quickly. There may be further discounts on the way on the old model so make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to keep updated.

Where to get it?

You can order Skycamp straight from iKamper.com / iKamper.uk.com; or if you live in the US or Australia you can search your local distributors

You can also click on the Price Tags at the bottom of this page.

iKamper Skycamp 2X 1.0 Review Summary

Exteriors5 / 5
Ease of Use3 / 5
Interiors3 / 5
Customer Care5 / 5
Price / Value2 / 5
Overall3.6 / 5 Keep Looking...
• Cool and unique design
• Custom shell
• Lightweight
• Speedy set up
• Add-ons
• Lack of storage space
• Thin mattress
• Low wind resistance
Best Price (Click to check current price)
United States: $2999
United Kingdom: £2650
Australia: $4595
Rest of the World - please see iKamper.com

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3 thoughts on “iKamper Skycamp 2X Review (Good & Bad)”

  1. Thorough review, thank you! Curious why you didn’t compare with any of the Roofnest hardshell RTTs. I’m considering the Condor because it looks like I might be able to take off the front Freedom Panels (T-Roof) of my 4-door Rubicon and still be able to see the sky while the tent is mounted. Do you have any experience with Roofnest line or another hardshell RTT that would be short enough to allow my sky view?

  2. IKamper has terrible customer service both during and after purchase. I was considering the iKamper 2.0 and hit the purchase button on-line at 9:42 PM, then cancelled at 5:20 AM due to 30% financing they were offering me.

    They cancelled, but charged me 3.5% of a 4400.00 order that barely even made their computer system!

    Stay clear of them if you value good customer services!

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