Eurohike Air 400 Review (All Questions Answered)

The ground sheet can fold flat for easy access

The Eurohike Air 400 is a small inflatable tent (or air tent) for 4 persons. It is lightweight, compact, easy to inflate and deflate and has decent weather resilience.

Instead of traditional poles, the Eurohike Air 400 has 3 air filled beams that you can pump up manually. It means that you can erect the Air 400 (and deflate it) within a matter of minutes, using the hand pump that comes with it: no hassle with the poles.

Its bigger sibling, the Eurohike Air 600 has been reviewed in this post: Eurohike Air 600 Review

Who is it for?

The Eurohike Air 400 is ideal for couples and smaller families for a weekend away, or to some extent, for longer trips.

Eurohike Air 400 review

Eurohike Air 400 review

Eurohike Air 400 key features:

  • A 5.4 sqm sleeping area (separated to two bedrooms or as one)
  • ‘Black-out’ bedrooms
  • 6 sqm living area with PVC windows
  • 4000 HH flysheet
  • Large front door
  • Side door
  • Compact carry bag weighing only 14.7 kgs


The Eurohike Air tents – Air 400 & Air 600 – are one of the lowest priced inflatable tents in their respective category. They only come in these two sizes (4 person and 6 person), and only come in one colour (navy blue).

The normal retail price of the Air 400 is around £300, however you may find massive price-drops on EbayGoOutdoors who now stock the Eurohike Air range tents, as well as Blacks. Plus, if you prefer shopping on Amazon, you can now find the Eurohike Air 400 on Amazon too.

Currently, you can expect to pay no more than £330 for the Eurohike Air 400 (£300 on Amazon)

So even with the ‘must have’ accessories (ie. The footprint and the carpet) you can easily stay well below £400.


What Is the Eurohike Air 400 Like?

I broke down this review of the Eurohike Air 400 to the following sections (click to jump straight there)


The Eurohike Air 400 sits on a 465cm x 265 cm footprint, and it is 195cms high at its highest point. This size is pretty average for a 4-berth tent, there are bigger tents and there are smaller too – most notably the biggest competitor of the Air 400, the Eurohike Genus 400 (reviewed here) is slightly smaller.


It is a 3-beam tunnel design that helps maximizing living space and headroom inside, while maintaining stability. The pump – included with the tent – is double action and you can connect an electric pump too, so set-up can be really fast. According to Blacks’ own estimate, inflating takes around 10-12 minutes from taking it out from the bag, using the hand pump and securing the last of the steel pegs. In real life, it is probably a bit more (15-17 minutes) at first, but no doubt you can push below 10 minutes with practice.

The ground sheet can fold flat for easy access

To make deflation speedy as well, the valves on the air beams are spring-loaded quick-release valves.

Quick-release air valvesThe tent is secured to the ground by steel pegs and high visibility (red) guy lines that have a high and a low connection point on the air beams.


You can enter into the tent using the large mesh door at the front, or the smaller door on the side that can folds flat. There is one side-door too. It is very common in this category to have only one side door (the Airgo Air Genus 400 for example does not have a side door at all). If you prefer a quiet corner, without the kids running right across the ‘living room’, then that’s fine; but if you need easy access from all sides than you should consider this! The side door has not got a secondary mesh panel.

Unusually for this price category, there is a drop and roll point for a flat entry point at the side door, this is handy when you have push chairs or little ones running in and out all day.

Besides the large mesh door panel, the sunlight can get in through two PVC see-through windows; however, these do not open.

There are small vents above the windows and at low level too, which should provide enough air circulation inside the tent. There are further low- and high-level vents to let fresh air inside the tent.

Air vent

Air vent on the Eurohike Air 400

The Eurohike Air 400 comes in one colour – navy blue – only.


It packs up to a 75cm x 40cm x 40cm carrybag. It is only 14.7 kgs so you don’t really need a wheeled carrybag to transport the Air 400, the handles will do just fine. Thanks to its low weight, you can go camping with the Air 400 to places where vehicles can’t or not allowed to go.

Eurohike Air 400 - Only 14.7 kgs

Eurohike Air 400 – Only 14.7 kgs

Weather resilience

The Eurohike Air 400 features a 4000mm HH flysheet, which should be enough to prevent water leaking in during heavy rains, and should remain waterproof in light snowing too.

Waterproof ratings are measured in millimetres (mm) and usually fall anywhere from 800mm to 10,000 mm. These figures indicate the amount of water pressure a fabric can withstand. That means a tent with a 4,000mm rating will endure a 4,000mm or four metre column of water bearing down on it before it starts to leak. More on this under F.A.Q.

Large front door

The ground sheet has a waterproof rating of 3000mm HH, it is fully sewn in and seam-taped for complete waterproofing.

The bespoke footprint is a must: it is designed specifically to protect the underside of the tent. It is not just completely waterproof but protects the groundsheet and helps retaining the heat. You can get one from Amazon.

Inside the Eurohike Air 400

First impression

As you enter the tent, you find approximately 6 sqm living area. It is big enough for two camping chairs and a smaller camping table, while you can still maintain comfortable access to the rooms and have some gear stored as well. In terms of ‘living room size’ it is very decent – some much more expensive 4-person tents have smaller living room (see this post here for more than one example: 4-Person Air Tents (Mid-range)) ; however, the porch area is minimal.

As the Air 400 does not have a 2nd side door, nor a window on that wall, so the dark blue panel made me feel a wee-bit ‘enclosed’; and the Eurohike Air 400 can feel smaller than it actually is.

Though as soon as the sun shines through the large mesh front door, it felt fine; and I began to value the shading that the full, dark panel provides. If you position your tent smartly, it can give decent shading almost throughout the day.

Spacious living area with some shading

Storage space

There are 5 pockets around the living area, leaving you plenty of space to store your gear / torches etc. (and there are further storage pockets inside the bedrooms).Pockets

Sleeping Area

You can get into the darkened bedrooms via mesh doors. The doors roll away and tuck neatly into a corner pocket.

Air vent above the PVC windowsThe bedrooms are 210cms long and 120cm wide, leaving a 60cm wide sleeping area for everyone. This is sadly not enough to squeeze two normal size double beds inside, but you should be alright with the compact ones like the CampingAZ Compact Inflatable Double Bed.

60 cms is not a lot, there are 4-person tents that give you a bit more space (up to 75cm for each), but sadly, 60 cm per head is not unusual…

Eurohike Air 400 Floorplan

The fabric is 100 % polyester: it is soft and more importantly is breathable, condensation can pass through easier.

The bedroom divider can be removed if you’d rather have one big bedroom. As a matter of fact, the whole ‘inner tent’ can be removed if you needed more living space during the day.

Despite the lack of light and the dark fabric, the Air 400 does not feel that confined, thanks to the fact that you can enjoy the full 195cm height almost everywhere inside the bedrooms.


As for other products within the Eurohike Air range ie accessories, replacement parts; there are a few choices. Of course, you can buy air tubes and valves in case something goes wrong, however in case a beam leaks air it most likely can be mended temporarily by using the repair kit that is included with the Air 400.Eurohike Air 400 footprint

A bespoke footprint is available to protect the groundsheet from uneven ground and to help retain the heat.

Tent Carpet: there is a triple layer tent carpet available. It features a soft fleece upper and foam mid-section for underfoot warmth and comfort, and a tough waterproof base to protect the carpet against abrasion and the damp groundsheet.

Verdict (Pros & Cons)


The most significant reason to put your vote down for the Eurohike Air 400 is the price: with the ongoing sales and offers it is one of the cheapest 4-person inflatable tents currently available. And for the price, it provides a decent size living area, acceptable-sized ‘black-out’ bedrooms & complete water tightness.

The packed Air 400 is concise, and light-weight, easy to carry around even to places to where you would not dare going with heavier tents or without a car.


Feels a bit dark inside. Strongly suggested to get hold of a footprint and/or a carpet to protect the groundsheet, so this add-on should be considered. Having said that, even with the add-ons the Air 400 remains one of the cheapest 4 person air tents.

Where to buy the EuroHike Air 400

There are better air tents than Eurohike Air 400, but not a lot that is cheaper. Blacks and GoOutdoors sell the Eurohike Air range tents, but there may be a few left of the old stock at Blacks Ebay outlet. It needs checking quite often to find the best offers, but sometimes the eBay prices beat the official prices including all discounts.

There is also the option to buy the Eurohike Air 400 on Amazon


Berghaus Air 4

In terms of size / price the Berghaus Air 4 comes pretty close to the Eurohike Air 400. The Berghaus Air 4 is bigger and normally comes at a very similar price, shooting well below the £400 mark. If you are interested you can find more details on the Berghaus Air 4 & Air 4XL in this review.

Eurohike Genus 400 cheap air tent

Eurohike Genus 400 cheap air tent

There is only one inflatable tent that can compete with the £200 Eurohike Air 400, that is the discounted-price Eurohike Genus 400 (detailed review to come soon. Until then, the Air Genus 800 review may give you a bit of insight). The Genus 400 is a 4-person tent, offering 1 bedroom (cannot be separated to two) that is exactly the same size as the Eurohike’s; however the porch/living room area is slightly smaller and you only have one front door (no side-door).

Related post: Eurohike Genus 400 Air vs Berghaus Air 4 vs Eurohike Air 400

If you are looking for a compact inflatable tent, the smallest Vango Airbeam tent may look interesting for you. Even smaller than the Airgo Air Genus 400, the Vango Skye Air 400 is the ultimate compact 4-person air tent. It weighs less than 10kgs, sleeps 4 persons (60cm for each person); however, it lacks headspace and – quite understandably – not very generous on the living space either.

Vango Skye Air 500

Vango Skye Air 500

On the flipside, Vango’s reputation and proven track record of making high-quality tents that can withstand the most horrendous English weather must be considered too. It is currently on sale by Winfields Outdoors.

A bigger uncle, the Vango Odyssey Air 400; or the Odyssey Air 500 are for those who need a bit more space for their sleeping area; and for those who want impressive stability and weather resilience. The Odysseys have both: thanks to their inner tension system they can withstand winds up to 70mph.

If you’d like to see more 4-5 person airbeam tents that you can consider, you can click here.

You can find a detailed, head-to-head comparison of Eurohike Air 400 vs. Eurohike Genus 400 vs Berghaus Air 4 (and two more entry level small family tents) here:

Eurohike Genus 400 Air vs Berghaus Air 4 vs Eurohike Air 400

My Best Air Tents in 2020 (round-up post) may also give you some more ideas what’s worth looking at.

I hope that you could find the answers to all of your questions in this review of the Eurohike Air 400. If you still have some, please feel free to leave a comment

14 thoughts on “Eurohike Air 400 Review (All Questions Answered)”

  1. I hope you can help
    I have a Eurohike Kent tent, the pink one for Brest cancer.
    After many years of good service the poles have final said they have had enough and the elastic has gone.
    But I love the tent and I would like to replace them
    Where do I get them please

    1. Hi Jo,

      I am not sure that this helps…
      You can find replacement poles for many Eurohike tents on Amazon ( ) or on eBay. I could not see one for the Kent, but it you make some measurements of the pole (how long, how thick in diameter) there is a good chance that one of those will fit your old tent.
      If it does not help, or there isn’t anything similar, you can try searching for a universal replacement pole. There are various sizes available from 7 section 4m x 7.9mm to 9 section 7.75m 11mm poles. Search ‘Summit camping replacement Fibreglass Tent Poles’ on eBay.
      Option 3 could be any repair kit, there are repair kits for various eurohike tents. As you only need the elastic, I guess any repair kit would do.
      Option 4 as a last resort, you can look for used Eurohike Kent tents on eBay or gumtree, I saw them going for around £25. If you can get one in good condition you’ll have two replacement poles straight away…

      Let me know if you have found something that fits!

      Have a great day

  2. Hi, I wondered whether you have found a porch or shelter to attach to the Eurohike air 400 please? I can’t see that there is one for this tent specifically and am struggling! Thanks in advance!! Amy

    1. Sharon Farnsworth

      I’ve just been away with my new eurohike 400 and paired it with a quechua awning. It was great but need to tether well when breezy. I also use the quechua tarp xl as well.

  3. Hello,
    An interesting article which along with other reviews prompted me to buy the Air400, thank you.
    One question, the link to the tent carpet leads to the small universal Eurohike carpet, is there a bespoke carpet for Eurohike Air 400?

  4. Hiya.

    I have this, and used a few times already, it’s amazing. Only thing was space and mud getting inside when it was raining.

    There is no porch, the hi gear universal tent porch would work??? Or too wide? Thoughts?

    I have seen a eurohike canopy that should work with this.
    Thanks David

  5. Sharon Farnsworth

    Hi Greg I used this tent for the first time this weekend really warm for the cooler nights as I wanted a sewn in ground sheet. However when sun came out wow soon warmed up bit too much but then I put up my other new purchase the quechua awning going over either 1 bar or 2. I put mine over 2 it soon made living space bearable. Was well impressed. I also have a quechua air awning great for summer but too draughty on cool evenings or days. My biggest bug bear with eurohike though is the valves when blowing up. 5 attempts on 2 of the tubes as they wouldn’t release the pump tube. As I camp on my own in my 60s its a bit of strain on the back I could do without . Is there a knack to it as it seems the valve is not universal and I cant use my electric pump. Is there a special adapter needed. I love both tents wish I could but best of each into one . Thks for reading sharon .

  6. Hi, Can I buy poles to create a canopy from the front door so that I could cook under it if it rains? Thanks

  7. Camped first time with my eurohike air 400 , bedroom bladder kept going down, 3 nights in a row. I tightened the valve all pumped up correctly . I would of been in serious trouble if I had a down poor or winds as I was on a hill side by the sea. I’ve took it back got exchanged for new one. Only get 30 days warranty at go outdoors ain’t going camping this yr now ?

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